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Race Rules

•    All participants must check which activities they want to enter before briefing.

•    All participants must attend the pre-race briefing.

•    All questions should be answered at or prior to the briefings.

•    All boats MUST have lifejackets for all occupants, a towrope and a bailer.

•    All boaties are to wear lifejackets at all times on the water at this event.

•    All owners must ensure their boats are seaworthy.

•    All boats must undergo a safety check and get a clearance sticker before taking part in activities on the water .          

•    All powerboats shall be effectively muffled, and shall (as a minimum) comply with Motorsport NZ Race vehicle noise emission standards. 

•    All participants must be ready and waiting for their race as the previous race is finished or you will miss out.

•    During the activities program any boat not taking part in the current activity must keep clear of the courses.

•    At all times remember racing is only fun and please be fair to other participants.   Any actions deemed by the organisers to be not in the spirit of the event will count against the participant involved.



•    THE 5 KNOT SPEED LIMIT MUST BE OBSERVED WITHIN 200M OF SHORE unless you are taking part in an official activity at the time.

•    PLEASE LIMIT ALL BOATS TO IDLE SPEED WITHIN 50M OF SHORE to minimise wake damage to parked boats.

•    We will be checking that all boats carry a tow rope and Bailer. Life jackets must be carried, and all boats will also be checked for noxious aquatic weeds, and oil leaks.  So PLEASE check your boats and motors carefully before you arrive at the Lake.

•    We will be spraying boats for Didymo (if they need it) on Sunday afternoon as people leave.

•    You must not refuel your boats on the water, and you must not have any obvious oil leaks.  Please respect the National Park and keep your boat and the surrounding environment clean.

•    Remember that DOC have released KIWI into the National Park very close to where the show takes place.   We will be working closely with DOC to ensure that NO DOGS COME TO THE SHOW. NO DOGS! -THANKS!