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The Jens Hansen Cup is awarded to the overall show winner.

The judges will be considering many things when making decisions about boats … the way the boat looks, the story behind the boat, the condition of the boat, the way the boat is constructed and engineered.

Remember it’s not necessarily the most valuable or expensive boat that wins the ultimate prize at the show it’s the boat that stands out for the judges as being special, or memorable. All in all there are a lot of factors that go into judging the winner of the Jens Hansen Cup and other trophies up for grabs.

Rosie Lees in 2015 Show Winner, Summertime

Also awarded:

The Johnson Family Trophy for Best Sail powered craft

The Port Nelson/ House Parts Trophy for best Rowed craft.

The Mathieson /Jeffcott Trophy for best Motor powered craft

The CWF Hamilton Trophy for best jet propelled craft

The Best Outboard Motor craft

The Ron Culley Steam Trophy

The Best New Boat Award

The Best Restoration Award

The Eventiac Award for best themed display